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$149 +USPTO Filing Fees

The federal search checks for similar names, logos, and slogans already registered with or pending at the USPTO.


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The federal USPTO database provides exact matches for live and pending applications.


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Gathering Information

Please share with us the specifics regarding your trademark, such as the name of your brand, your logo, and your slogan.


Comprehensive Search

After we receive the information, our team of experts perform a comprehensive search to confirm its availability.


Application Filing with the USPTO

After verifying the eligibility of your trademark, we will submit the application to the USPTO on your behalf.



Our teams do so comprises seasoned professional with experience.


Reasons Why Your Trademark Gets Rejected

Our expert guidance and transparent pricing ensure a seamless trademark registration process without financial strain.

To ensure a smooth trademark registration process

Trademark is an essential tool for the protection of brands, logos, slogans, and product names, establishing recognition and identity.

Trademarks are used to protect brands in commerce and cannot be registered for personal or non-business use.

Trademark names should be unique and distinct, not generic or descriptive, to set the brand apart from competitors.

You can only register a trademark for a name that is currently being used in business or one that you plan to use in the near future.

If your proposed name closely resembles an existing registered or pending trademark, it may lead to mistaken assumptions about the source of goods or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright Registration FAQs

Secure your brand by getting your trademark registered by experts in the field.

Conducting a trademark search is crucial to find out whether a similar or identical trademark already exists. This helps you avoid possible conflicts and enables you to check the availability of your desired trademark before applying for it.
A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.
The duration of trademark registration varies depending on the jurisdiction or any potential objections or oppositions raised by third parties.