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Trademark Curve provides businesses with the resources to anticipate challenges and bolster their online presence, ensuring they stay ahead of potential risks.

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Get Your Trademark Registered in 3 Simple Steps

Register your trademark with us today and get legal protection for your brand.


Complete a Brief Questionnaire

In the first step, fill out the form and respond to inquiries about your brand.


Search for a

We conduct a thorough search to determine whether a similar mark is already in use.


Application Filing with the USPTO

After the research, we will file a trademark application with the USPTO.


Trademark Professionals at Your Disposal

Trademark Curve provides various services to protect your brand. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Prevent Infringement

Keep the copycats at bay by protecting your digital assets.

Enforce Your Rights

Solidify your hold over your intangible property.

Protect Your Brand

Get an official stamp on your intellectual assets.

Trademark Your Business

Register your trademark to secure your brand.


Experienced Trademark Registration Partner!

We help you protect your intellectual property from theft so you can own the exclusive rights to your business names, slogans, and other digital assets.

Own Copyrights

Business expansion

Competitive edge attainment


Why Are Trademark Searches Important?

The USPTO reports that nearly 20% of applications are denied due to similarity with an existing mark. Keep your brand name from rejection with a trademark search.

Save Money

Filing and registration can be costly. Make sure you don’t waste your resources by conducting a trademark search first.

Save Time

It protects your business from potential legal complications in the future by avoiding time-consuming processes.

Avoid Rejection

It can help ensure the uniqueness of your business and reduce the risk of potential legal conflicts and rejection.


Find Our Best Budget-Friendly Options

Secure the future of your business by getting it registered at affordable rates.



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We have 10+ years of experience offering trademark services to businesses to protect them from potential threats of infringement.

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Prevent Infringement
Protect Your Brand
Enforce Your Rights
Enforce Your Rights

Secure Your Brand with Professional Trademark Assistance

Need to protect your brand? Our expert trademark registration service provides thorough and efficient protection for your valuable intellectual property.


Budget-Friendly Trademark Registration Packages

Our expert guidance and transparent pricing ensure a seamless trademark registration process without financial strain.


$49 +USPTO Filing Fees

The direct-hit search in the federal USPTO database delivers precise results for live and pending applications.


$149+USPTO Filing Fees

Our customized form ensures you're prepared if a trademark violation occurs.


$249+USPTO Filing Fees

Safeguard your privacy by preventing your details from becoming publicly accessible on the USPTO online database.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark Registration FAQs

Secure your brand by getting your trademark registered by experts in the field.

Trademark registration offers exclusive nationwide rights to use your company’s brand names, slogans and logos. Without permission from the rightful owner, no other seller can sell products with their trademarks without risking legal action. Registering a trademark is the best way to ensure that your brand remains legally and exclusively yours.

A trademark can be removed from the register:

  • if it clashes with an earlier trademark
  • The trademark has not been used after the grace period of time.

An application may be submitted by anyone who has the ability to contract. It should be noted that non-resident entities in some countries must hire a local attorney to represent them before national authorities.

After the registration is completed, the owner obtains exclusive rights over his trademark. Their brand is legally protected from any imitators that can use similar or identical marks without copyright permission.

Yes, if a company offers its services under its name and intends to differentiate its offerings from those of competitors.