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Protect Your Brand Identity with Professional Trademark Registration!

Registering your trademark offers legal protection, ensuring exclusive rights and deterring others from unauthorized use or infringement.

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Our Easy Trademark Registration Process

Register your trademark easily in just three simple online steps – it’s never been simpler!

Details About Your Trademark

Please provide us with information regarding your trademark, including the brand name, slogan, or logo.

Comprehensive Research

After obtaining the information, our team performs a comprehensive search to verify its accessibility.

File Application with the USPTO

After we confirm its eligibility, our team of experts will file the application on your behalf with the USPTO.

Why Get Your Trademark

Securing legal protection for your brand through trademark registration is a crucial move which allows you to exclusively use a certain sign (such word(s), symbol, combination of these two) in relation to particular products or services. This not only protects your brand, but also serves as a warning to competing firms that intend to use a similar sign. Registering your trademark protects your idea and gives you access to legal procedures for stopping someone copying your brand elements. Additionally, if you have plans for international expansion, trademark registration becomes even more vital, providing protection in other countries and preventing unauthorized use by others.

Communicate orthogonal process

Professionally grow cutting-edge paradigms

Communicate orthogonal process

Professionally grow cutting-edge paradigms

Why Invest in Trademark

According to the USPTO, almost 20% of applications face denial due to similarities with existing marks. Do a proper search before you apply for trademark to verify if your mark is not already used or trademarked by another person. This upfront investment can save time and resources, preventing lengthy legal battles and potential expenses. It's a cost-effective precautionary step, minimizing the risk of expensive legal proceedings, including litigation and damages.

Communicate orthogonal process

Professionally grow cutting-edge paradigms

Communicate orthogonal process

Professionally grow cutting-edge paradigms

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    Our Affordable Trademark Registration Packages

    Our budget-friendly bundles deliver exceptional value without compromise. Protect your brand today!

    Basic Package

    $ 35 Avoid rejection. Make sure your mark is not being used before filing.
    • Direct-hit Search
    • Federal E-Filing with USPTO
    • Electronic Delivery
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    Starting In

    Deluxe Package

    $ 135 Includes everything from the Basic Package PLUS:
    • Cease & Desist Letter ($35 value)
    • Transfer/Assignment ($35 value)
    • Trademark Monitoring (1 Month Included)
    • 24/7 Customer Support
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    Premium Package

    $ 235 Includes everything from the Deluxe Package PLUS:
    • Private Registration ($60 value)
    • 24-hour Expedited Processing
    • Electronic Delivery
    • Detailed Reports Every Month
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can file an “intent-to-use” application, reserving the mark for future use. However, full registration requires actual use in commerce.

    Costs depend on factors such as the number of classes, government fees, and legal assistance. Contact us to get a quote!

    Trademark registrations last ten years and can be renewed indefinitely as long as the mark is still in use and renewal fees are paid.

    To be eligible, a trademark must be distinctive and not conflict with existing trademarks. We conduct a thorough assessment to determine the registrability of your mark.

    The Madrid System allows you to file and manage trademark applications in multiple countries through a single international application, streamlining the process for global protection.

    Some changes are allowed during the application process. We can guide you on making amendments or responding to office actions to enhance the chances of approval.