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Comprehensive Trademark Searches

Registering your trademark offers legal protection, ensuring exclusive rights and deterring others from unauthorized use or infringement.

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Our Comprehensive Trademark Search Process

Our experts conduct extensive trademark searches to ensure your mark’s availability.

Fill Out a Simple Questionnaire

Begin by filling out a form with essential information about your brand.

Thorough Search

Our experienced team conducts a comprehensive trademark search based on your details to protect your brand and avoid potential legal conflicts.

Submit Application to USPTO

Once your brand's availability is confirmed, we will assist you in filing your trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Why Choose Us?

Why Invest in Trademark Searches?

According to the USPTO, almost 20% of applications face denial due to similarities with existing marks. Do a proper search before you apply for trademark to verify if your mark is not already used or trademarked by another person. This upfront investment can save time and resources, preventing lengthy legal battles and potential expenses. It's a cost-effective precautionary step, minimizing the risk of expensive legal proceedings, including litigation and damages.

Communicate orthogonal process

Professionally grow cutting-edge paradigms

Communicate orthogonal process

Professionally grow cutting-edge paradigms

Why Choose Us?

Your Complete Documentation Checklist

To register your trademark, gather the following information: Name, full legal address, and owner. Specify the type of entity (partnership, corporation, individual, etc.) you are registering. Provide details about the trademark, including whether it's already in use or intended for future use. Include a drawing and a specimen copy of the mark, showcasing its actual use. For intent-to-use marks, include a drawing of the trademark as intended to be used. Specify relevant dates, such as when the mark was first used on products/labels or when it was first advertised. For intent-to use marks, attach a drawing of how the trademark will be used. Clearly define the type of goods or services for which the mark is being registered.

Communicate orthogonal process

Professionally grow cutting-edge paradigms

Communicate orthogonal process

Professionally grow cutting-edge paradigms

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    Our Affordable Comprehensive Trademark Search Packages

    Our budget-friendly bundles deliver exceptional value without compromise. Protect your brand today!

    Federal and State Search

    $ 149 Before filing, run the trademark search to make sure your mark is not in use.
    • Checks for similar names, logos, or slogans registered or pending with the USPTO.
    • Extends to all 50 states to ensure comprehensive coverage.
    • Provides a comprehensive list of matches with essential information to guide your next steps.
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    Starting from

    Federal, State, & Common Law

    $ 299 Includes everything from Federal and State Search packages plus:
    • A comprehensive examination of corporate names across all 50 states.
    • Utilization of corporate directories to identify potentially similar entries to your mark.
    • Proprietary online searches to discover potential common law trademark protections for your name.
    • Searches across top-level domain names to check if your name is used online.
    Starting In

    Global Search

    $ 499 Includes everything from Federal, State and Common Law packages plus:
    • We perform searches in international jurisdictions, including:
    • The European Community
    • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
    • Detailed Reports Every Month
    Starting In

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we offer expedited options to accommodate time-sensitive needs, ensuring a swift yet thorough examination of potential trademark conflicts.

    Yes, our team offers continued support, providing guidance and strategic advice if conflicts or challenges arise after the initial search.

    Absolutely. We prioritize the confidentiality of your information and ensure it is handled securely throughout the search process.

    Copyrights generally last for the creator’s lifetime plus 70 years. We can guide renewals and any ongoing obligations.Yes, our search extends to international databases, helping identify potential challenges in various markets

    Yes, we provide a detailed report of the search results and offer guidance on potential next steps based on the findings.

    We explore international and domestic databases, ensuring a comprehensive examination of existing trademarks.