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How We Register Your Trademark

We follow a three-step process to register trademarks efficiently.


Provide Us Details

Kindly provide us with specific details regarding your trademark, including your brand name, slogan, or logo.


Thorough Search

Upon receiving the necessary details, our team will conduct a thorough search to confirm the availability of your trademark name and logo.


Filing the Application

Once eligibility is confirmed, our team will file a trademark application to the USPTO.

Why Is Trademark Registration Important?

Read below to know how it protects your brand identity and distinguishes your business in the marketplace.

Secure Exclusive Rights

It ensures that you have the exclusive rights to use it, preventing others from using or imitating your brand identity.

Attain a Competitive Edge

You can differentiate your brand from competitors in the market, enhancing your visibility and appeal to consumers.

Certified Ownership

It provides legal certification of your brand's ownership, protecting against unauthorized use of your trademark name and trademark logo.

Our Trademark Registration Packages

We offer affordable trademark brand registration packages to ensure brand protection is available to businesses of every scale.


$35 + USPTO filing fees

Register your trademark company name to ensure maximum protection.



$135 + USPTO filing fees

Includes everything from the Basic Package plus:



$235 + USPTO filing fees

Includes everything from the Standard Package plus:


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we can assist you with trademarking your company name. Our team will guide you through the entire trademark registration process, from conducting a comprehensive trademark search to preparing and filing the application with USPTO. We ensure that your company name receives the legal protection it deserves.

A state trademark protects within the borders of a specific state, while a federal trademark provides nationwide protection across the entire United States. Federal registration also provides additional benefits and legal presumptions compared to state registration.

To apply for trademark, you need to submit an application to the appropriate government agency, such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the United States. The application typically requires detailed information about your mark, including its design, description, and the goods or services it will be used for.

The ™ symbol indicates that a mark is being used as a common-law trademark, meaning it is claimed as a trademark but not yet registered with the government. The ® symbol, on the other hand, indicates that a mark is a registered trademark with legal protection.

Yes, business logos, slogans, brand names, and even specific product or service names can all be trademarked to protect your brand identity.

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