About Us

Our Vision

We aspire to awaken your curiosity about God. We strive to be the preferred learning channel about Him (God) for all, faithful and non-faithful, Christians, regardless of the denomination, and non- Christians. Our objective is to be a vehicle for everyone to get an in-depth understanding of Christian doctrines.

Our Mission

Create a platform that presents religious topics in the form of electronic books and allow users to pull books of interest from a shelf for reading. Books such as all the books within the Bible, Christology (Study of Jesus, the person, and His deeds) Mariology (study of the Virgin Mary), About the Bible, and many more. Facilitate information of interest via email/text; information such as prayer of the day, and biography of the saint of the day. Provide the means for users to keep notes about specific passages of the Bible. Example: you go to Mass and hear a Homily about Mathew; you can then write notes to better understand the meaning of the verse. Over time, you can compile an endless series of notes organized by books and verses that will help you better understand the Word of God with much more meaning.